Business Services

We offer a diverse range of services through the entities within the Group which include KnightsBridge Financial Consultancy Ltd.KnightsBridge Legal and KnightsBridge International Realty.

KnightsBridge Financial Consultancy Ltd.

Business Advisory Consultancy Services in the following areas:-

Sourcing Financing
  • We work with several regional, international banks and Hedge funds to find financing solutions for our clients with shovel ready projects.
  • Our various financier groups have appetites for several different sectors so if you propose a project to us our team will match your project with a suitable investor group that can offer not only the funding but also the experience and expertise in the particular area or sector.
Renewable Energy Sector
  • Financing opportunities for all types of renewable energy projects through our global partners who have proven track records for investing and funding such projects.
Real Estate Development
  • Assist developers to find suitable investors, joint venture partners, or financiers to finance real estate development projects in the Caribbean and Latin America
Public Private Partnerships
  • We work with several regional Governments to source suitable partners and investors for infrastructural projects in various sectors through Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

KnightsBridge Legal
  • This team is lead by Attorney-at-Law Deborah Simmons and provides legal advice to the Group and its clients.
  • The general areas of business include commercial law, family law, estate and probate matters, conveyancing and other related property matters.

KnightsBridge International Realty
  • We have a portfolio of properties and real estate development opportunities regionally and internationally.
  • We specialise in sales, rentals, and property consultancy services.